• F-2240, Ramchandrapura, Riico Industrial Area, Sitapura Extension, Jaipur.

Our fencing nets are ideal for protection against high winds and barriers for animals and to create partitions for privacy in outdoor seating areas. 

  1. It is of two types.
    1. PP band reinforced on the perimeter of the Fence screens.
    2. Self folded Fence screens.
  2. Brass eyelets are placed at equal distances on the perimeter of the fence screens for easy installation. Tie-cords are provided according to the brass eyelets.


  • Ideal for protection against high winds.
  • Ideal for background screens using tennis court for better ball sighting.
  • Can be used as a barrier for animals.
  • Grommets are made of copper, more grommets are placed evenly along all edges,
  • Can be also used as a safety net for your balconies. It gives safety to your loved ones.
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